Rack of Lamb: Moroc­can Spice
Here we add a heavy cov­er­ing of Moroc­can spices to a rack of lamb, which is then baked. Strong meat, strong spices. Very Pun­gent.
    Serv­ings Prep Time
    2large racks of lamb 30min­utes
    Cook Time
    Serv­ings Prep Time
    2large racks of lamb 30min­utes
    Cook Time
    The Sauce
    The Moroc­can Spice
    The Meat
    Start the Sauce
    1. Start the sauce by com­bin­ing the beer, chick­en broth, onion and gar­lic in a small saucepan.
    2. Reduce the sauce on medi­um high heat for about 20 min­utes. You want to end up with 1/2 to 3/4 cup of sauce.
    Mak­ing the Moroc­can Spice
    1. Prea­heat your oven to 425F.
    2. Toast the cumin seads, car­roway seeds and cin­na­mon in a small fry­pan on medi­um heat. You may or may not have the seads and sticks. You can’t fry the spice pow­der (well… of course you can, but the result is not good). If you just have the pow­dered spices, skip this.
    3. Put seeds (if you have them) and sticks (if you have them) into a spice or cof­fee grinder. Zap them a bunch to make spice pow­der. See… you just made toast­ed spice pow­der. Go you.
    4. Com­bine all the spices in a bowl and mix.
    The Meat: Rack of Lamb
    1. Get out a shal­low oven tray. You’re going to coat the lamb with olive oil and then spices, so sides on the tray will help (at bit) keep­ing the oven clean. Then again, maybe you like the heady aro­ma when you fire up the self-clean­ing oven. Just make sure you’re doing that at non-peak pow­er times.
    2. So… yeah… too much com­men­tary in that note. Coat the lamb with olive oil (makes spices stick) and sea­son with salt and pep­per.
    3. shake and sprin­kle spices onto the lamb. I end­ed up with quite a bit extra. Put it in a bag­gy for some­thing else. Labelled “Moroc­can Spice” for lack of any­thing I’ll actu­al­ly remem­ber. Pret­ty much my moth­er’s influ­ence here: can’t throw away any­thing good. I’m still eat­ing the last batch of bread that we’re not talk­ing about — it’s way too thick and dry (even stalled the stand-mix­er), but I can’t bring myself to throw it out.
    4. Notes here say to roast the lamb until the inte­ri­or is 135F. We took a chance and just did it for 30 min­utes.
    Fin­ish the Sauce
    1. Bring the sauce back to a sim­mer if you turned it off at some point. Melt in the but­ter. Add more but­ter if you like (I did). This is basi­cal­ly a sweet-but­ter-beer sauce. What a nice bunch of words to string togeth­er sweet-but­ter-beer sauce.
    2. Spoon the sauce over the Racks of Lamb.
    Recipe Notes

    The notes on the source recipe say to get a “french” cut of lamb.  This is sim­ply remov­ing the fat from the bones so they are bare at the one end (see the pic­tures in the oven above).  We like or lamb and had a whole rack each.  I did­n’t sep­a­rate the roast into chops, but that seems to be one rec­om­men­da­tion.  Might also make the lamb go fur­ther to more peo­ple.