Music has always been core to the Gilberts and here we’re going to put some resources for Gilberts and proxy Gilberts in regards to music.

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  2. timr says:

    This is great! Can you share the Lily­pond source files? (or maybe you got them from some­where else you could tell me about — I don’t need the lyrics, just the music.)

    Thanks for sharing.
    (found your site by the Lily­pond User mail­ing list)


    • dgilbert says:

      I have no objec­tion to host­ing the source files, but I’ll let dad decide if he wants to share them. He should see your com­ment some­time today.

  3. DaD says:

    I emailed you the source files — are they up on the site yet?

    • dgilbert says:

      I emailed you back say­ing I was miss­ing ‘01’

      • DaD says:

        To cre­ate the book­let I did the fol­low­ing (elim­i­nat­ing some of the more fruit­less steps):
        1. Cre­ate an OpenOf­fice * doc­u­ment with legal-size paper in land­scape with 2 columns, so it can be fold­ed into a book­let. Num­ber all the pages as fol­lows: 28–1, 2–27, 26–3, 4–25, (etc — you get the idea).
        2. List the songs you will use in the order you wish (the bet­ter to place them later).
        3. Cre­ate your songs in Lily­pond ( and com­pile them as a PDF. Check your work for typos both in nota­tion and word­ing. Look­ing at my out­put, next time I would make all the staff-sizes the same.
        4. Do ” lily­pond ‑dbackend=eps ‑dno-gs-load-fonts ‑din­clude-eps-fonts –png ” for each file to cre­ate a PNG which can be insert­ed in OOo.
        5. Insert each page in suc­ces­sion into the OOo doc­u­ment. Right away, make it wrap *through* (right-mouse-button>Wrap>Wrap-through) so it does­n’t wreck your spac­ing. It will like­ly be too long, so crop it (right-mouse-button>Picture>Crop) enough to fit on the page. This will gen­er­al­ly mean cut­ting off the Lily foot­er. If you need more shrink­ing, use >Picture>Type to re-size the height only to fit on the page. Yes, this squish­es up your image, but not enough to make much of a dif­fer­ence. Per­haps one thing to do next time would be to con­struct my Lily­Pond files so that the image is exact­ly the right pro­por­tion to fit on the page.

        I realise that PNGs are not the best for res­o­lu­tion, but in the case of this book­let, they are all shrunk to fit the page, so there is not much detail lost. There are oth­er ways to do this, but my object was to pro­duce a book­let in time for Christ­mas with skills and soft­ware I already had.

        * I am a big fan of Open Source soft­ware. Sup­port the lit­tle guy, not the big multi-national!
        1. Open Office is one of the best office suites — equiv­a­lent, and in many ways supe­ri­or to MSWord. AND it’s free to down­load, install and use.
        2. I also used Lily­pond (see their site for how to use it).
        3. Lily­pond is used in con­junc­tion with a text-edi­tor, and there are sev­er­al that pro­vide good sup­port for Lily­pond­ing. My choice, work­ing on a Win­doze plat­form as well as on a PC-BSD plat­form is jEd­it ( which has a Lily­Pond­Tool plu­g­in. This pro­vides suit­able indent­ing and colour­ing as well as a ‘con­sole’ for com­pil­ing the files, and a PDF read­er to see your results. It also has (but I don’t find all that help­ful) a key­board image for enter­ing notes into your .ly file. It will even take MIDI input from a key­board for note entry.

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