Gilbert’s Laws of the Internet

The Inter­net is sub­ject to laws just like phys­i­cal things.  Phys­i­cal things are sub­ject to laws like Grav­i­ty, New­ton’s laws of Motion and what­not.  The big‑I Inter­net, to me, is the sum of the com­po­nent parts: com­put­ers, routers, fiber, cop­per and peo­ple who use it.  The laws of the big‑I Inter­net emerge from the group behav­ior of all these things.

Obvi­ous­ly this is a liv­ing list that will be col­lect­ed from my blog posts over time.  I have a num­ber of ideas here, but I’ll intro­duce them before they appear here.

With­out fur­ther ado:

  1. The inter­net is for the free exchange of crap.  Any­thing worth mon­ey will either be so choked with spam and scam as to be not worth your time to get from the inter­net or it will be rough­ly the same price as in the brick and mor­tar store you could oth­er­wise find it.
  2. For each and every “it” there exists porn of “it” some­where on the Internet.
  3. Tech­nol­o­gy Ampli­fies Everything.

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