Reboot an Open Letter to PJ.

Groklaw: Call to Action

Groklaw: Call to Action

The NSA is scary.  I get it.  I have slight­ly less sym­pa­thy for you (a U.S. cit­i­zen) as I am not a U.S. cit­i­zen — which makes my sit­u­a­tion all-the-more pre­car­i­ous, BUT:

GrokLaw is need­ed now, more than ever.  The war against the com­mon human is open on many fronts — pri­va­cy, intel­lec­tu­al “prop­er­ty”, police pow­ers with­out over­sight, the “war” on drugs — every­one’s list is a lit­tle dif­fer­ent, but the war on the com­mon human is real.

It’s only real as long as we fight.  And Groklaw is a key tool in the fight against one of the major fronts of this war.  Can I (we, any­one) guar­an­tee your safe­ty, your hon­or,… your san­i­ty?  Nope.  You’re already The Hero.  You had already accept­ed The Call.

I’m writ­ing this on the news that Microsoft, Ora­cle and oth­er of their ilk are appeal­ing the Ora­cle vs. Google deci­sion from ear­li­er this year.  This is not the only intel­lec­tu­al “prop­er­ty” legal news, but it’s a big sto­ry.  Groklaw is need­ed.  PJ is needed.

Heck, I’d run it myself if I were able.  I care deeply about my pri­va­cy and about the over­reach of both law enforce­ment and spy­ing, but they are just one front in this con­flict over which I have lit­tle con­trol.  I get that you find it creepy to be watched.  I get that post­ing on Groklaw prob­a­bly has you watched more often than not.  What you achieve is so much larg­er than the sum of its parts.

Reboot Groklaw, please.

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