Captcha: blank + 15 = 21

captcha symbols

captcha sym­bols

I’ve start­ed using a Captcha for the com­ments.  Over and above the spam pro­tec­tion I’ve been using, I’ve been delet­ing more than 10 spam posts per day.  This is just a nui­sance, but it has become a nui­sance that is grating.

I’m pret­ty sure this captcha is emi­nent­ly defeat­able.  You just need to exam­ine the page for the details and do sim­ple arith­metic.  I sup­pose this plu­g­in is going on the the­o­ry that you don’t (usu­al­ly) need to be the most secure; you just need to be more secure than the oth­er guy.

If you can’t per­form the req­ui­site arith­metic, you’re not fit to com­ment (hint: that com­put­er thing you’re using almost cer­tain­ly has a cal­cu­la­tor available).

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2 Responses to Captcha: blank + 15 = 21

  1. Vamsi says:

    What plu­g­in did you used for this captcha? I would like to imple­ment it on my website.

    • dgilbert says:

      My plu­g­ins fold­er has this as “Captcha by Best­Web­Soft” … let me know if you can’t find it that way, and I’ll see if I can get more information.

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