Back in the (Somewhat Random) Saddle

I have been slack­ing.  I even have sev­er­al posts pret­ty much ready and I’ve been slack­ing.  To be com­plete­ly hon­est with myself, I think my father’s death last year affect­ed my desire to express myself more than I thought.  He and I often had pro­tract­ed dis­cus­sions on top­ics very sim­i­lar to those I pub­lish on this site.

But I have come to real­ize that there is worth in this writ­ing.  It’s not just the com­ments … of which a very few have slow­ly appeared above the gen­er­al noise of SPAM.  It’s also not just the read­just­ing of rela­tion­ships with my fam­i­ly … who are equal­ly sound­ing boards for my notions.  It’s worth­while because I have some­thing to say.

With that, I sup­pose I intro­duce the new “sea­son” of Ran­dom Scrib­blings.  I’ve got some thoughts on Tele­vi­sion fic­tion com­ing up as well as some refined thoughts on Video Games.   My favorite store for Ran­dom stuff (Lab Safe­ty) has been bought out — and the new own­er (Granger) is bor­ing beyond belief — but maybe I’ll write more about that, too.

Con­sult­ing Gilbert’s Law of Oppo­sites, things must have stayed the same since they also seem so com­plete­ly and utter­ly different.

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  1. dgilbert says:

    … real­ly? I am such a tease :).

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