I Have NOT Been Slashdotted

The rumors of my being slash­dot­ted are great­ly exag­ger­at­ed — or at least per­pet­u­at­ed in denial by me.  Imag­ine my sur­prise when I noticed this arti­cle on Slash­dot.  It men­tions a “tech writer” named “David Gilbert.”  This might be one of the few times I direct­ly men­tion my name on the blog … but it’s impor­tant here.  David, it seems writes for the Inter­na­tion­al Busi­ness Times.

I can’t get an exact bead on the orga­ni­za­tion.  It claims to have “inter­na­tion­al news­rooms” all over the world, but their address­es could eas­i­ly be sim­ply some reporter’s house.  I strong­ly sus­pect it’s a UK orga­ni­za­tion since my Fire­fox plu­g­in that pre­vents scripts from run­ning expos­es the default for the edi­tion selec­tion wid­get is “UK.”

I don’t ter­ri­bly often Google myself.  If I do, I usu­al­ly crack out a secure brows­er or even TORJust because you’re para­noid does­n’t meant they’re not after you

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