Christmas Trees and the Need for Less Speed

Fresh in from the “We Can’t Make This Stuff Up” Depart­ment, we have two news sto­ries to share.  From some­where ran­dom in the US, we have two guys try­ing to launch their Christ­mas Tree with Rock­ets and from Can­more Alber­ta (home of “Mike, from Can­more”) we have the local R.C.M.P reward­ing dri­vers caught on cam­era doing the speed lim­it with a lot­tery for a (we’re assum­ing Tim’s) gift card.  Both sto­ries deal vague­ly with “speed” … so I even have a focus key­word!  Hit “more” to get to a video of a Christ­mas Tree Rocket! 

Christmas Tree Rocketry

What more can I say, than post the video:

… I sup­pose it’s delib­er­ate­ly staged to amuse us and encour­age us to watch their u‑tube chan­nel… but I don’t mind being amused.  It’s worth not­ing (on the plus side) that it seems that nobody got injured in the mak­ing of this video and a Christ­mas Tree did get fired like a rocket.

I’m Mike from Canmore and I’m doing 50

Seri­ous­ly.  Go lis­ten to R.C.M.P by the Arro­gant Worms.  I’ll wait. Go.

OK.  Now the news.  So aparent­ly some bright light in Can­more (we’re assum­ing it’s “Mike”) decid­ed that it was a grand idea to reward dri­vers with a draw for a gift­card (we’re assum­ing it’s from Tim’s) for dri­ving the speed lim­it (and no more).  The sto­ry even made Slash­dot, but I’m going to quote the Cal­gary Hear­ald here:

Can­more is putting a new twist on one of the town’s biggest irri­tants: pho­to radar.

Instead of a cost­ly tick­et, law-abid­ing dri­vers “caught” on cam­era obey­ing speed lim­its will have a chance to win a $250 gift cer­tifi­cate redeemable at local businesses.

Town coun­cil approved the pro­gram as part of a wider plan to pro­mote safe­ty in the moun­tain community.

Cal­gary Hearald

I sup­pose I could be “Dave” (report­ing) from Can­more… but I’m not.

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