Harper Passes a Loonie, Fools Nobody

I have made no secret of my dis­dain for Steven Harper’s lead­er­ship.  It’s very unCana­di­an in that he seems to lead with­out com­pro­mise and with­out lis­ten­ing.  You could argue that this is a legit­i­mate style of lead­er­ship in that it works and it has brought him to pow­er.  A very cal­cu­lat­ed pow­er, but pow­er nonetheless.

How­ev­er, the recent F‑35 news sto­ry shows very clear­ly the less legit­i­mate and more evil side of Harper’s lead­er­ship.  Harp­er has made it very clear that he leads the gov­ern­ment by restrict­ing what bureau­crats and even his own min­is­ters and par­ty mem­bers can say.  He goes so far as to “brand” is gov­ern­ment (by insist­ing that peo­ple refer to the “Harp­er” gov­ern­ment rather than the “Cana­di­an” government) .

We have already had exam­ples where mis­steps by the gov­ern­ment are passed off on oth­er stooges.  We did­n’t believe it then, and we cer­tain­ly don’t believe it now.  What kind of lead­er­ship exam­ple is the Prime Min­is­ter set­ting for the peo­ple of this good coun­try by sim­ply pass­ing the buck for this bad deci­sion when it is so clear­ly his responsibility.

When will Cana­di­ans wake up and real­ize that Harp­er does­n’t quite smell as pret­ty as he thinks he does?

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