A Possible First Welding Project

I’ve post­ed here quite a few times on the escapades of Gilbert’s Auto Repair, but of all that we’ve done in the shop, we haven’t yet tried weld­ing.  Par­tial­ly, that’s been from a slight fear of the unknown and/or lack jus­ti­fi­able rea­son to buy a welder.  That lat­ter rea­son may have elapsed.

First Welding Project?

First Weld­ing Project?

Above, we have the joint between the chair back and the chair base.  The part is a C‑shaped bend of met­al that has been sheered on both sides by the chair back (mak­ing it struc­tural­ly unsound).  I’m post­ing this par­tial­ly as a dis­cus­sion with my Dad and par­tial­ly out of inter­est to the group.

Princess Auto, our favorite Y chro­mo­some Adult Toy Store… and Princess Auto sells a vari­ety of Arc Welders … includ­ing a lit­tle unit that draws only 20A of 120V AC (as opposed to the 50A of 220V AC that some draw) and is only $129 at reg­u­lar price.  Com­bined with the pos­si­bil­i­ty of fix­ing a $300 chair, this could be a good oppor­tu­ni­ty for a new tool!

For com­plete­ness, here’s the oth­er side of the chair:

First Welding Project, other side.

First Weld­ing Project, oth­er side.

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4 Responses to A Possible First Welding Project

  1. DaD says:

    Just exact­ly how thick is this piece of met­al? I pre­sume it’s a stamp­ing from what I see, and the grade of met­al may not be all that great. The thing you will have to watch out for — and you will only have one chance at this — is that with the cur­rent too high, you could blow right through it, and with the cur­rent too low, it will just stick and grab, and the weld will not melt suf­fi­cient­ly through the piece to make a good repair.

    Go to Mill­work and pur­chase some giz­mo from their bins of assort­ed brack­ets which has the same thick­ness — to use as a prac­tice piece. (With that piece you may also have the addi­tion­al chal­lenge of zinc plat­ing, but it should still weld sat­is­fac­to­ri­ly.) For that mat­ter, con­struct­ing your­self a brack­et from some of these kind of things might be the way to go.

  2. DaD says:

    Inter­est­ing … whole new col­lec­tion of ads on your blog now …

  3. DaD says:

    If that welder draws 20 amps, you will need to lead a 12-gauge wire and out­let into the garage. Should­n’t be a big prob­lem. Also takes a spe­cial plug, but you should be able to get all that at a place like Ide­al Supply.

  4. DaD says:

    Anoth­er sug­ges­tion: Con­tact the man­u­fac­tur­er of the chair, and ask if you might be sent (per­haps under war­ran­ty) that part, so you can replace it. Looks as if it’s not an over­ly large part (for ship­ping in the Post).

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