Household Airbags

I remem­ber being a fan of Super Dave Osbourne when I was a kid.  In many ways he filled in the self-inflict­ed pain humor that Wile E. Coy­ote did for a gen­er­a­tion before.  I recall at one point (and I’m pos­si­bly remem­ber­ing some­thing else … some­thing sim­i­lar) Super Dave had “invent­ed” airbags for his motor­cy­cle.  This would have been around the time that airbags were being intro­duced for cars … and of course, he got hurt.

If I recall cor­rect­ly, Super Dav­e’s airbag deployed in front of his bike, but he was thrown free.  And prob­a­bly crushed to just feet stick­ing out of his hel­met … that’s how these things gen­er­al­ly went.  I can’t believe I can’t find that pic­ture.

Any­ways, since then, many types of airbags have been invent­ed.  Vol­vo has talked about airbags on the front of your car to pro­tect pedes­tri­ans.  Sev­er­al motor­cy­cle man­u­fac­tur­ers have come up with airbags that work bet­ter than Super Dav­e’s.  Cars no longer list the exis­tence of an airbag but rather how many of them and how sophis­ti­cat­ed they are.

So today, I want to intro­duce you to whole house airbags.  These have been invent­ed by the Japan­ese to pro­tect your house from earth­quakes.  No real­ly.  The plan is an “earth­quake sen­sor” will trig­ger and a large and fast air pump will inflate an airbag beneath your house to “float” it above the foun­da­tion and pro­tect it from the worst of the earth­quake.  I say “the worst,” because they’re aim­ing to float your house about 3cm above its foun­da­tion… and the oscil­la­tion of many earth­quakes is much larg­er than that… but still, it will reduce the worst of the effects.

Good think­ing out­side-the-box … err … house.


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