Banks, Being Banks, are Wasteful

There’s not much love for banks these days, but they hon­est­ly bring it on them­selves.  What with the risky lend­ing, the gov­ern­ment bailouts and the cushy bonus­es paid to fat cat boss­es, it would seem that yet anoth­er post crit­i­ciz­ing banks would just be anoth­er fart in this wind­storm, but I tru­ly thing there is some­thing that we (the 99%? .… or at least the nor­mal peo­ple) can do.  Here’s what greet­ed me at my bank branch today:

Flat Panels Wasting Electricity

Flat Pan­els Wast­ing Electricity

This is just about the most waste­ful use of elec­tric­i­ty I can fath­om.  You have four large flat pan­els run­ning the exact same adver­tis­ing loop and there is no posi­tion in the room where you could see one pan­el and not be able to see the oth­er three.  Even if you val­ue the dri­v­el they’re pre­sent­ing while you are forced to wait in queue, the oth­er three pan­els are com­plete­ly redun­dant and con­stant­ly wast­ing elec­tric­i­ty.  I sin­cere­ly hope they shut them off at night.  There is also anoth­er flat pan­el across the room, if you’re hav­ing trou­ble with these four.

Now the irony prize goes to anoth­er name­less branch for which I don’t have a pic­ture.  It only had three flat pan­els wast­ing elec­tric­i­ty, but their cho­sen video loop extolled the banks vir­tu­ous green ini­tia­tive that replaced many incan­des­cent light bulbs with com­pact flo­res­cent bulbs.  Too bad the sav­ings in elec­tric­i­ty is off­set by the three giant flat pan­els telling us about it.  Again, I sin­cere­ly hope they turn them off at night.

I have com­plained to both branch managers.

I’m not a per­son that sees every use of ener­gy as an evil of our soci­ety.  I gen­er­al­ly believe that we humans are affect­ing the plan­et and that we need to do some­thing.  Some ener­gy use is unavoid­able.  Liv­ing in Cana­da teach­es one the impor­tance of heat­ing one’s house.  Some ener­gy use can be reduced.  Liv­ing in Cana­da teach­es one the impor­tance of good insu­la­tion and a mod­er­ate ther­mo­stat setting.

But some ener­gy use is pure­ly waste­ful and thus uncon­scionable.  Liv­ing in Cana­da does not teach one to leave one’s door open dur­ing the winter.

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