Tailpipe Repair for the Jeep Part 2

Tailpipe Repair on my Jeep

Tailpipe Repair on my Jeep

With much grunt­ing, the jeep­’s tailpipe is final­ly repaired.  I had to use my rotary tool to buff down the excess rust from the old clamp before I could force the new sec­tion of pipe onto the muf­fler side of the join.  I also had the entire thing togeth­er and let the jeep down only to find it was rub­bing the tire and required a rota­tion of the pipe to get it to hang straight.

But the impor­tant news is that the jeep is back on the ground and the repair cost $15 in parts and $15 in new tools (the rec­i­p­ro­cat­ing saw blades I bought).

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  1. dad says:

    I have AdBlock­Plus *dis­abled* for this page, and as of today I see *no* ads on the screen. You might want to get onto that …

  2. DaD says:

    I need to come down and get my CV boot done some­time soon — also need to look at said joint — it’s click­ing a bit. This Fri perhaps?

  3. DaD says:

    put a link on xchat

  4. DaD says:

    Maybe you need to make a new post­ing about Jeep-ness …

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