Tailpipe Repair for the Jeep

Tailpipe Broke

Tailpipe Broke

The jeep is up on a jack stand again and it’s not to start in on the pin­ion bear­ing fix.  When we fixed the oil pan, we had to cut the exhaust and while that repair is still good, it seems some­one else cut the muf­fler from the tailpipe and then patched it with a short bit of small­er tub­ing.  As you can see in the pic­ture, the tailpipe patch has­n’t com­plete­ly dis­in­te­grat­ed, but it has lost enough struc­tur­al integri­ty to bend; thus caus­ing the whole exhaust sys­tem to hang down low and (even­tu­al­ly) start rub­bing the tire.  The only hang­ers are at the trans­mis­sion and near the rear end.

Jeep Rear Axle and Exhaust Geometry

Jeep Rear Axle and Exhaust Geom­e­try

One advan­tage of the Jeep­’s geom­e­try is that with a jack­stand on the frame, the axle can hang down sig­nif­i­cant­ly and make for lots of room to work.  I’m think­ing I may try the impact wrench on the clamps first — since I don’t care if I break them, I just want them off.  I’ve also soaked the entire thing in liq­uid wrench when I went out to turn the shop heater on, so … just maybe it will work.

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