Christmas Carols with Music

While repair­ing the Tau­rus today, we heard a brass band warm­ing up.  Upon inves­ti­ga­tion, they were play­ing Christ­mas Car­ols out­side some­one’s house.  I could clear­ly hear that they had a trum­pet (you always hear the trum­pets as the mal­lards drop from the sky) and a tuba (did­n’t check for leader­ho­sen).   There were clear­ly 3rd and 4th parts, but at that dis­tance I could­n’t say for sure that they were one instru­ment or anoth­er; or for that mat­ter if there were a fifth part.

I say this as pre­lude to post­ing the fine Christ­mas Car­ol book­let with music that my Father (Father dad, Father Gord if you like) put togeth­er.  As some­one who prefers to sing the har­mo­ny, I appre­ci­ate hav­ing the music accom­pa­ny the words in a car­ol book­let.  He used lil­ly­pond and oth­er pub­lic domain soft­ware to put togeth­er this fine book­let and is will­ing to release this book­let to the world as a pub­lic domain pub­li­ca­tion.  Go ahead: snag your­self a copy.  If you enjoy it, please feel free to leave a com­ment.  Father Dad reads this blog and will sure­ly see your comments.

To Down­load, click here.

Update: I’ve added a Music page to the Gilber­tisms menu to make this all more per­ma­nent and eas­i­er to find.

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3 Responses to Christmas Carols with Music

  1. DaD says:

    Fol­lowed your link to the Young Luther­an’s guide — the text there is obvi­ous­ly some­what edit­ed, but con­tains most of the descrip­tions we know from the record­ing. But the “mal­lards drop­ping from the sky” is not in there in the trum­pet section.

    • dgilbert says:

      I actu­al­ly did notice that, but accord­ing to the attri­bu­tion, it’s from a book of Keel­er’s. Many of the oth­er links I found in my quick search led to places where you could buy record­ings (which is less use­ful). There’s also one use I found from the f‑bomb there… which is odd.

  2. DaD says:

    Yes, I noticed the f‑bomb. I am cer­tain that was nei­ther in any book Gar­ri­son Keil­lor pub­lished nor in the record­ing — so I don’t know where that might have come from. Not sure how to get an accu­rate copy.

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