A Small Reorganization

I think it’s time for a small reor­ga­ni­za­tion.  Accord­ing to my word­press theme, I can have one menu.  Since this site start­ed, that menu has been “Home — About — GLI.”  The “About” page real­ly isn’t required any more and I decid­ed to give the Grunt Fac­tor a more per­ma­nent place, so I estab­lished a “Gilber­tisms” menu.  I’m expect­ing to expand this, but it seems an appro­pri­ate way to dis­play pages regard­ing “Under­stand­ing your Gilbert.”

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3 Responses to A Small Reorganization

  1. DaD says:

    I think in your menu you need an item for “Bacon”

    The oth­er night, Mom was look­ing for the way to carmelise bacon, and I remem­bered that you had giv­en that in one of your ear­ly blogs, but took quite a while to find it, only to realise you had sim­ply pro­vid­ed a link to the recipe for bacon-choco­late cook­ies, where­in the carmelis­ing of bacon is described.

    But it would’ve been a whole lot quick­er if you had had a link to ‘bacon’ in your menu 🙂


    • dgilbert says:

      An excel­lent idea. Not entire­ly triv­ial, though. Means I need a “cat­e­go­ry” for bacon and I need to tag the arti­cles with the cat­e­go­ry. Did you try search­ing on the “tags” page?

      • dgilbert says:

        Hrm. Yes. If you click on the ‘tags and top­ics” menu item, you get a glos­sary of tags. From there you can ref­er­ence the three posts on bacon. Putting ‘bacon’ in the search box works well, too.

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