NCC-1701 Pizza Wheel

Talking Cave Johnson Painting

Talk­ing Cave John­son Painting

Nev­er write a blog post before it’s time.  Or some­thing like that.  Any­ways… I was brows­ing The Escapist when I came across their post­ing regard­ing the Talk­ing Cave Jon­son Paint­ing which led me to the list of quotes that the paint­ing blurts out on Think Geek.  To save you the click­ing time, the paint­ing says things like “Sci­ence isn’t about why… it’s about WHY NOT!” which are quo­ta­tions from the only-seen-in-paint­ings-and-pic­tures char­ac­ter “Cave John­son” in the Valve game Por­tal.

NB: I don’t want this paint­ing, but it is cool in a way.

Peo­ple who know me, or at least have been in my pres­ence late­ly may know that I have the chat­ter from the “Space Orb” from Por­tal 2 as my ring­tone — if they’re cool enough to know about Por­tal 2, any­ways.  Maybe Cave John­son ring­tones are next.  Some­one, out there, right now… is prob­a­bly throw­ing some­thing in my direction.

Bluetooth Retro Headset

Blue­tooth Retro Headset

Any­ways… this was all a good rea­son to browse the Think Geek web­site for oth­er cool items (Christ­mas is com­ing up).  My sis­ter Aimeé gave me the blue­tooth head­set two years ago.  I still haven’t had the oppor­tu­ni­ty of doing the full-on gag with it, but the fact that I have it (the black one) and could makes me fell all warm and fuzzy.  I have used it … but like most gag props, there is a lim­it­ed amount of use­ful­ness inside.

Any­ways again, I first set­tled on the Think Geek page for the 11th Doc­tor’s Son­ic Screw­driv­er.  This is some­thing I’d like to own.  In fact, they appar­ent­ly have three dif­fer­ent Son­ic Screw­drivers (see the video on that page) and I’d be very hap­py to own the set.  I also strong­ly sus­pect that that vary same sis­ter my appre­ci­ate one or more of them.  I’ll have to see if I can pry that out of her in some devi­ous way… but the rest of the fam­i­ly can take this all as a hint, if they like.

11th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver

11th Doc­tor Son­ic Screwdriver

The 11th doc­tor, I think, is the coolest doc­tor of the mod­ern era.  “You nev­er for­get your first Doc­tor,” says the t‑shirt (or hood­ie, I imag­ine) and for me that was 4th Doc­tor or Tom Bak­er.  I fix­ate on the 11th doc­tor as the best from the mod­ern era because in com­par­i­son (and we real­ly did­n’t know what we were miss­ing until 11th doc­tor appears), the 10th Doc­tor was def­i­nite­ly work­ing him­self into an emo­tion­al cor­ner.  1th Doc­tor explodes onto the scene with a bang an an atti­tude and I am very much enjoy­ing it.

In fact, I think there are very apt com­par­isons between 11th and 4th Doc­tor.  They both have a sense of humor about them­selves and a delight­ful sense of for­get­ful­ness that adds some man­ic ener­gy to the show.

4th Doctor

4th Doc­tor

They also both have an off­beat sense of style find­ing their own shade of cool … set­ting their own trends, even.  I sup­pose I need to get a bow-tie or two.

Think Geek also has a Mag­net­i­cal­ly Lev­i­tat­ing Tardis that I’d love to have (it would go nice­ly in the art niche).

Any­ways… yet again… this isn’t where I end­ed up (as you all prob­a­bly fig­ured out from the title).  The doc­tor who para­pher­na­lia led me to Star Trek para­pher­na­lia (even though they are polar oppo­sites in many ways, and even though their fan bases can be dis­parate and vocal, there still is a sub­stan­tial amount of com­mon ground).

NCC-1701 Pizza Cutter

NCC-1701 Piz­za Cutter

I give you the NCC-1701 (“no bloody A, no bloody B, C or D”) piz­za cut­ter.  It made me laugh.  And, yes, I’d love to own one.  I’ve seen the 1701 bot­tle open­er… but frankly, it’s mis­shapen.  The clas­sic lines of the Enter­prise are just so clean … and that saucer is round.  Per­fect … for a piz­za wheel.

Nice­ly done, Think Geek.

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  1. DaD says:

    In order to find out about Aimée’s (note the plac­ing of the accent) gift hints, or to give her a hint your­self, you need to get her com­put­er back to her, and encour­age her to look in on your blog. And that’s *way* over­due any­way — no rea­son to have it chez toi for this long just to rein­stall the OS.

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