Thoughts on Google Ads and My Content

Wow.  Almost the fourth dai­ly post in a row.  I can pre­dict this because I’ve been pre-com­pos­ing these last few posts and “sched­ul­ing” them to be post­ed at cer­tain dates and times (don’t peek behind the cur­tain … or at least be polite enough to ignore what you find).

My father help­ful­ly com­ment­ed on my blog post a few days ago to let me know what ads were no longer dis­play­ing on the site.  The fee­ble $43 that this effort had gen­er­at­ed so far was no longer increas­ing and my nefar­i­ous plan for world dom­i­na­tion was being spoiled.  I would seem that at some point the bright lights at google had changed some­thing or turned some­thing on or off or … I dun­no… some mag­ic gum­bo that caused what­ev­er mag­ic smoke to escape — and ads were no longer con­fig­ured for my site. Sigh.

I can freely admit that I did­n’t look at this for a day or so.  Mag­ic smoke episodes … espe­cial­ly those involv­ing mod­er­ate­ly com­plex sys­tems tend to lead the chief magi­cian in charge of repair down one rab­bit hole after anoth­er until the night sky starts to pinken and he real­izes that yet anoth­er night has passed with­out the com­fort of bed.

Lit­tle “sim­ple” things like this can require all man­ner of incan­ta­tions to cor­rect from the sim­ple and sub­lime to the furi­ous and com­plex.  Some­thing as sim­ple as copy­ing new ad code into the right box­es or some­thing as com­plex as updat­ing soft­ware ver­sions (which leads to oth­er amaz­ing­ly inter­re­lat­ed fail­ures of oth­er­wise unre­lat­ed sys­tems — and lit­er­al­ly “digs” a deep­er rab­bit hole).

Luck­i­ly this inci­dent appears to be the for­mer (mod­u­lo the recon­fig­ur­ing of google ads for me and my site).  I took this as a chance to refresh the ads con­fig­u­ra­tion while I was pok­ing it.  The ad injec­tion “thingie” that my Word­Press uses allows me to inject ads between para­graphs on (in my case) pages oth­er than the home page.  Click on some oth­er arti­cle to see the effect — they should appear in dif­fer­ent places from time-to-time.  The ads down the right of the page are sta­t­ic (that is… dif­fer­ent ads, but the size and shape are static).

The think­ing behind this extra place­ment (between the para­graphs) is that peo­ple who “fol­low” my blog see the unadul­ter­at­ed front page but peo­ple who enter my blog from search engines (look­ing for car repair hints or just gen­er­al bril­liance) get a few more ad hits.  I don’t know if this works, but it seems to be a pop­u­lar configuration.

Hope­ful­ly this fix­es the prob­lem for a mod­er­ate amount of time. Sigh.

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