Edible Lockout Locks … Environmentally Friendly?

Two Lab­Safe­ty posts in a row?  I just had to con­tin­ue here.  We’re going to be talk­ing about green locks that are red.  Really.

"Eco-Friendly" Locks with Edible Lube

Eco-Friend­ly” Locks with Edi­ble Lube

Accord­ing to the descrip­tion, these lock­out locks are green because a) they con­tain no PVC and b) because the lubri­cant is edi­ble.  Since the locks are plas­tic of some sort, I’m not sure I buy the “no PVC” thing as being good — be clear that these locks aren’t to pre­vent theft — they’re to make you think before doing what­ev­er they’re try­ing to stop you from doing — so the plas­tic is “OK” … but I sup­pose the rel­a­tive “good­ness” of var­i­ous plas­tics is edible.

But the sale page (here) gives only these two rea­sons for them being “Eco-Friend­ly” … and edi­ble lube is hard­ly a new idea, either.  I sup­pose you might want to use locks with friend­ly lube around food (or not), but this hard­ly makes them “Eco-Friend­ly.”

Just how much lock lube is being poured into our envi­ron­ment any­ways?  I sup­pose it’s “nice” that they think they’re trying.

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