Lockout Elements of a Good Hoodwink

Lockout Tags Product Detail

Lock­out Tags Prod­uct Detail

It seems that the core ele­ments of a good scam include items that make you seem very legit­i­mate.  It struck me look­ing at this prod­uct image that Lab Safe­ty is an excel­lent source of decep­tion mate­r­i­al for indus­tri­al espi­onage sim­ply because they are the real items.  Maybe this is just a win­dow on how my mind wan­ders, but clear­ly, in the pic­ture, are a flop­py disk blank and an SD card blank… nice­ly done in red with a space to write why you should­n’t use what­ev­er they’re stuck into.  You can see the full prod­uct list­ing here.

They also seem to include (accord­ing to the descrip­tion) some pad­locks with red cas­ings, some cable lock­outs (also red) and a “valve lock­out” (very cool, also red).  They also include lock­outs for cir­cuit break­ers.  I’m not sure what the yel­low thing is — and it stands out … being yel­low and all.

But if you need to stop peo­ple from using things dur­ing the enact­ment of your nefar­i­ous plan… Lab­Saftey is appar­ent­ly your store.

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4 Responses to Lockout Elements of a Good Hoodwink

  1. DaD says:

    So what’s with the red colour?

  2. DaD says:

    every­thing in the pack­age is red — why?

    • dgilbert says:

      Hrm? I would have thought it was obvi­ous… they’re lock­out things. Red gen­er­al­ly says “stop” … I think the require mes­sage is “stop and think” …

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