Bacon Ribbon Campaign: Get the T‑Shirt

Bacon Awareness Bacon Ribbon T-Shirt

Bacon Aware­ness Bacon Rib­bon T‑Shirt

Bacon is pret­ty much all-good.  Bacon is “meat can­dy.”  To pro­mote “Bacon Aware­ness” our friends over at Cafe Press have cre­at­ed this great T‑Shirt.  Show your Bacon Spir­it by wear­ing this T out­side the house!

It’s fun, I sup­pose.  The visu­al of a “Bacon Rib­bon” makes per­fect sense and good humor.  Aren’t rib­bons get­ting out of hand?  Are we real­ly remem­ber­ing any­thing with the fuch­sia striped rib­bon with the gold stars?  At least the Bacon Rib­bon reminds us that we’d rather be eat­ing bacon!

The next time some­one tries to push a rib­bon on you (or your car … or your …) or the next time you see some­one sport­ing a ran­dom rib­bon… point them in the direc­tion of the Bacon Aware­ness Bacon Rib­bon cam­paign: the only unam­bigu­ous rib­bon … that is exact­ly what it means… a Rib­bon on Bacon!

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