LabSafety: Video Borescope

I had some idea that prod­ucts like the Extech Video Borescope exist­ed, but as usu­al, I did­n’t know where I might find one until Lab Safe­ty dropped a note in my inbox.  I find their mis­sives help­ful because they solve prob­lems I did­n’t even know I might have.

Note that this cool unit is not just a video screen on the end of an inva­sive probe, but it’s also a wire­less video screen on the end of an inva­sive probe.  Heck… it could eve be alien tech­nol­o­gy (since they seem to have cor­nered the zeit­geist on inva­sive probes).  Accord­ing to the prod­uct page at Lab Safe­ty, the video screen can be used upto 32 meters from the probe unit.  And it will record to your handy-dandy SD card.  What more could you want in an inva­sive video probe?

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  1. DaD says:

    I was just pok­ing around one of my favourite tool retail­ers — Busy Bee Tools — and noticed that they also have a Video Borescope. Maybe not quite as capa­ble as this one, but also prob­a­bly not as expen­sive …

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