This Just In: Person I potentially don’t know linked to my blog

I sup­pose it’s been about 8 months.  Fright­ful­ly few­er posts that I’d like to have made in that time, but about 8 months — since I start­ed the blog.  I’ve watched the sta­tis­tics… used the google tools to see how many peo­ple are read­ing.  Most still seem to find me for my Har­ry Pot­ter posts — a lucky con­flu­ence between top­ic, images and search engine optimization.

Original Series Tablet

Cap­tain Kirk Hold­ing an Orig­i­nal Series Tablet

But today, some­one linked to my blog (and I don’t know who they are).  The blog itself seems to revolve around mak­ing com­ments on pic­tures of the orig­i­nal star trek series (pret­ty good fod­der for social com­men­tary, if any).  In par­tic­u­lar, they linked to my post­ing about tablet com­put­ing and specif­i­cal­ly, they seemed to focus on the pic of Cap­tain Kirk with a tablet that I’ve dropped in here for ref­er­ence (not that I don’t want you to go read oth­er posts on my blog … but for convenience.

I only noticed this because the Word­Press soft­ware issues a “ping­back” blog com­ment to any blog that is ref­er­enced in your blog post — some­thing I’d only got­ten from spam­mers before.  I sup­pose I’ll have to shape up a bit.

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2 Responses to This Just In: Person I potentially don’t know linked to my blog

  1. J.J. says:

    That was me and, no, you don’t know me. Still new at this (as my own blog shows com­plete­ly clue­less) and sor­ry if I caused a “blog­ging faux pas” by not ask­ing first if I could link to your blog… I’ll be hap­py to take down the link if you like and keep up the great posts!

    • dgilbert says:

      no faux pas… and I did throw a rec­i­p­ro­cal link on my front page to your blog — so maybe that gives you a bit of a boost. My reac­tion was sim­ply that you were the first (non-spam) link I have noticed. There are lots of spam sites that link to my arti­cles — google ana­lyt­ics will show you who links to your site.

      Any­ways… I enjoy the attention :).

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