The Taurus and the Jeep: No Start.

This is just a quick note to update the Jeep and Tau­rus “no start” situation.

We start­ed the day focus­ing on the Tau­rus sit­u­a­tion.  For those that remem­ber, we got the new com­put­er for the Tau­rus as that was the result of all the pin­point tests.  Then we dis­cov­ered that the com­put­er had to be pro­grammed by either the deal­er (1 hr labour) or a $1600 (eBay price) machine.  We chose the deal­er.  Two tows lat­er, it still was­n’t starting.

Since both the Jeep and the Tau­rus need­ed starters … and starters are expen­sive, I decid­ed to go the junk yard (or auto recy­cler) route.  I picked up two starters Sun­day morn­ing from Stan­dard (a ver­i­ta­ble rab­bit war­ren of an oper­a­tion near Steels and Markham Rd) and my sis­ter Rebec­ca and I pro­ceed­ed to attempt the Tau­rus fix first.

The Tau­rus Starter repair is a lit­tle trick­ey — there is very lit­tle room to move around in there.  It did­n’t require remov­ing the intake pleanum, but it still took us quite a bit of time.  After final­ly installing the new-to-us starter, how­ev­er, it was­n’t work­ing.  On fur­ther exam­i­na­tion, it was get­ting very hot.  Not good.  We’re prob­a­bly going to have to return that one as a dud. Since Stan­dard charged us a core charge, I had assumed that they were some­what recon­di­tioned and test­ed.  I sup­pose not-so-much.  At least they have a 30 day guarentee.

By the time we fin­ished the Tau­rus and din­ner, we had time to start on the jeep.  It would appear that like the oil pan repair, this will require drop­ping the exhaust which basi­cal­ly meant we failed for the day.  Dad’s com­ing down tomor­row … so there is hope that one or oth­er vehi­cle will be work­ing tomor­row. Sigh.

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4 Responses to The Taurus and the Jeep: No Start.

  1. DaD says:

    So now you need to crow about out good day yesterday …

  2. DaD says:

    Make sure you men­tion the jack­ing points for the Jeep

  3. DaD says:

    So c’mon! Tell’em about our GOOD day!

  4. Well let us know how you make out. That is tough when two cars are not starting.

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