New Image: Fail

By-the-way: There’s a new image at the top of the site.  Not that I was spent a lot of time look­ing for it, or that I’m mak­ing some deci­sion about how the site will look or how images at the top of the page are cho­sen.  I was just tired of the old stock image (which came from the “twen­tyten” word­press theme that I cur­rent­ly use).

The image is the park­ing meter dis­play­ing “fail” that I blogged about pre­vi­ous­ly.  I find it amus­ing and it’s not the gener­ic win­ter scene that seems even less appro­pri­ate now.  I could have sub­sti­tut­ed back in the gener­ic sum­mer scene, but as it’s the over­all default image for the twen­tyten theme, I just could­n’t bring myself to use it.  Some­times being dif­fer­ent is about not being the default.

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