A Dog’s Day.

Toby's Favorite Spot

Toby’s Favorite Spot

Here’s Toby.  It’s a dog’s life.  I haven’t post­ed in awhile and I should.  I could say that I’ve been lazy like Toby, but that’s not true.  I’ve been busy enough for peo­ple to owe me mon­ey and not busy enough that they’ve paid yet. Sigh.

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  1. DaD says:

    We often envy our domes­tic dogs, because while we work very hard to pro­vide the envi­ron­ment, they take every advan­tage of said envi­ron­ment. Every com­fort is pro­vid­ed — food, shel­ter, love, and even adven­ture! Why *should­n’t* they be lazy? On the oth­er hand, if they were in the wild (and most dogs today could­n’t sur­vive there very long), there would be lots to do just to keep food in the bel­ly, and there­fore very lit­tle time for the leisure they enjoy at our hands.

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