LabSafety: Flammable Cabinets

Eagle Flammable Cabinets

Eagle Flam­ma­ble Cabinets

I was won­der­ing what I was going to post today when a friend­ly email arrived from one of our peren­ni­al favorites: Lab­Safe­ty.  In this case, the humor is not in the prod­uct itself by in its name: the Eagle “Flam­ma­ble Cabinet.”

Now it would appear the fun part is also true, since the cab­i­nets are meant to be filled with flam­ma­ble tings (tag line: “Keep fire away!”) — the cab­i­nets them­selves would be some­what help­less­ly made flammable.

It seems to me, how­ev­er, that if you’re going to make a “flam­ma­ble” cab­i­net, it should be card­board … or maybe even magnesium…

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