My Raspberry is “Bushing”

Raspberry "Bushing"

Rasp­ber­ry “Bush­ing”

I cut the lawn for the first time (this year) today.  Most years, it’s just been a chore, but this year it was the first time I got a close­up look at what the rasp­ber­ry plant is doing.

Two years ago, my moth­er gave me a cut­ting from her rasp­ber­ry bush to plant.  It bore a few berries (enough to tease) in the first year.  In it’s sec­ond year, one of the three stalks died back but the oth­er two flour­ished and pro­duced a small bowl of berries per week — enough to enjoy with some ice cream or yogurt.

When I ran the mow­er around the back yard today, it’s clear that sub­stan­tial­ly more berries are going to be pro­duced.  I do love rasp­ber­ries.  Since I’ve been avoid­ing sweets I’ve devel­oped a dis­taste for sweet things — even fruits that are too sweet.  Rasp­ber­ries are great — just tart and sour enough to have a strong flavour with­out the sweet­ness I dis­like.

In addi­tion to the ice cream and yogurt, I have a new recipe this year (again thanks to my moth­er).  It’s a jam-like spread that com­bines rasp­ber­ry and choco­late (two of my favorite fla­vors).  Maybe I can add cof­fee to that?

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