Parking Meter Fail

Parking Meter Fail

Park­ing Meter Fail

It’s fun­ny how and why things fail.  I sup­pose this is the start of a new series (real­ly… I don’t have more series than posts, real­ly…).  In this case, we have a park­ing meter fail.  Why?  Because it said so.

This would have been handy in down­town Toron­to where mark­ing is three or more dol­lars per hour… but no… it was in Bow­manville where park­ing is fifty cents per hour.  Sigh.

I sup­pose it’s a dou­ble fail because I had already put in my quar­ter … but it’s only a quar­ter.  I’d be much more annoyed at loos­ing a toonie in Toron­to.

If fail­ures are your style, see the Fail Blog.

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