Espisode Three: Co-Op Hinted by Portal

Alyx Vance and Gordon Freeman

Alyx Vance and Gor­don Freeman

Rock, Paper, Shot­gun (on of my favorite Games sites) has an excel­lent inter­view with Valve folks regard­ing Por­tal 2.  Wow.  3 links in one sen­tence.  It’s a good read.

Any­ways, anoth­er RPS arti­cle quotes Valve as say­ing that Por­tal 2 may be Valve’s last tru­ly sin­gle-play­er experience.

I’ve done some think­ing on this and since Half Life 2 — Episode 3 is yet to come out and since it will be affect­ed by (and like­ly con­tain some con­tent from) the expe­ri­ence of cre­at­ing Por­tal 2, I’m com­ing out and say­ing that I think Episode 3 will be a Co-Op expe­ri­ence with play­ers con­trol­ling both Alyx Vance and Gor­don Freeman.

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