I Can Has Jeep.

I real­ized that I’ve been remiss in post­ing and even the low hang­ing fruit of easy posts about my life in gen­er­al haven’t been done.  I’ve been so depressed about the elec­tion… but that rant is for later.

My New Jeep Grand Cherokee

My New Jeep Grand Cherokee

I Can Has Jeep.

Well… that’s enough oblique ref­er­ences to the inter­net.  In gen­er­al, it feels real­ly good to have a vehi­cle again.  We’ve been shar­ing my wife’s Tau­rus for some time now and the cost of using the car for a day is four hours of dri­ving (two hour return trip tak­ing my wife to work).

I’m excit­ed because I think I got a very good deal.  The jeep has had two own­ers: a 3 year lease that put on 60k and a uni­ver­si­ty pro­fes­sor that put on anoth­er almost 100k over the fol­low­ing 7 years.  It’s a 2000 “WJ” (for jeep peo­ple in the know) with the v8 (bet­ter mileage than the 6) with the quadradrive trans­mis­sion (jeep­’s fan­ci­est for this year brack­et).  When I bought it, it need­ed its oil pan replaced and it needs it’s pin­ion bear­ings and seals replaced.  Paid $2500 and the parts should run me $500 more.

I’ve already done the oil pan (and it was a pain).  That post will be up soon.  I’ve got all the parts and tools for the dif­fer­en­tial work, but that effort was inter­rupt­ed by the trans­mis­sion prob­lem (anoth­er post in the works).  This also came at a time when the Tau­rus was giv­ing more and more trou­ble and I’ve been spend­ing rather a lot of time in the shop lately.

The inte­ri­or is real­ly nice.  It would appear that the pur­chas­er start­ed with a lare­do and added just about every­thing required to make it a lim­it­ed.  It’s only miss­ing the fan­cy cli­mate con­trol (which is appar­ent­ly flaky any­ways) as far as I can tell.  It has the full-on tow pack­age (which is a big bonus for me) … and sur­pris­ing­ly the jeep can pull a whop­ping 6500 lbs.  The v8 also means that it has the “good” trans­mis­sion (ie: smart, com­put­er con­trolled and with two over­drive gears).

Am I bor­ing you all?  Well… if I can keep it run­ning, I will like­ly con­tin­ue to be happy!

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2 Responses to I Can Has Jeep.

  1. DaD says:

    I haven’t yet heard the dis­po­si­tion of your tran­ny trou­bles — what’s hap­penin’ with that? Did you get it run­ning by means of drain­ing some fluid?

    • dgilbert says:

      You’re run­ning ahead of the class ;). The post regard­ing the trans­mis­sion is sched­uled to go live at 1319 today. But as a bit of a spoil­er, it’s fixed.

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