Spring Cleaning.

My New Jeep

My New Jeep Grand Cherokee

That last post was a lit­tle heavy.  I still think about it.  Any­ways, this post is just about life and what­ev­er.  We final­ly arranged to get our­selves rid of all the crap in the build­ing — so no more repo­man (for now).  That left me with just enough mon­ey to get a 2000 Jeep Grand Chero­kee that needs a bunch of repairs.

Spring Cleaning in the Garage

Spring Clean­ing in the Garage

But hav­ing a sec­ond vehi­cle again start­ed the process of clean­ing out the garage.  We have some new shelv­ing (cour­tesy of the build­ing) and the vol­ume of crap that had accu­mu­lat­ed in a heap in the garage took us most of the after­noon to wade through.

The Jeep was afford­able because it requires two major repairs: a pin­ion bear­ing (the pin­ion is the input to the dif­fer­en­tial) and an oil pan.  Of the two, the oil pan is required before I can get a safe­ty cer­ti­fi­ca­tion, so I’m work­ing on that first.  In fact, we’re doing a lot of work this week­end.  In addi­tion to the first part of the jeep repair, we need to do the coil­pack, plug wires, rear drum brakes, and an oil change on the Tau­rus.  You will be see­ing some more car repair blog­ging very soon here.

Jeep Jacked Up

Jeep Jacked Up

I’d write more, but this is a light post (I’m sure I’ll wade into the pol­i­tics much more short­ly).  I have to go get under the Jeep and get this done today so that tomor­row is for the Tau­rus.  I left the oil drain­ing before din­ner (and the engine cool­ing — hot engines are a pain to work on) so it should be ready to get to work now.

I’m going to try insert­ing a gallery at the end.  This is an exper­i­ment.  I’ve been asked for pics of the truck.

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