Amazing: Contempt of Parliment and Nobody Cares!

I’m amazed, frankly.  Our for­mer fed­er­al gov­ern­ment (it’s elec­tion time in Cana­da right now) is guilty of many uncon­scionable trans­gres­sions.  Some of these are legal like the elec­tion fraud where­by the Con­ser­v­a­tives were able to spend many mil­lions more than was allow­able on elec­tion adver­tis­ing using some account­ing slight-of-hand that they believed they would get away with.  Some are acts in par­lia­ment — a con­tempt of which they have not only clear­ly held, but which they have also been found guilty.  These are not minor trans­gres­sions: they are acts that cut away at the very core of the democ­ra­cy we share and call Canada.

But I am amazed, frankly, that not only are there any Cana­di­ans who can vote for them; that not only are a fair per­cent­age of Cana­di­ans who might vote for them; but that there is even a per­cent­age of the peo­ple large enough that they may form the next gov­ern­ment or even a major­i­ty government.

If that were to hap­pen, maybe it’s time to emi­grate to the US…!

I am amazed because I don’t take well to Stephen Harper’s walk­ing all over my democ­ra­cy.  After­ward he had the audac­i­ty to say, “It’s all part of the game!”  He does­n’t respect democ­ra­cy; he does­n’t respect gov­ern­ment and he does­n’t respect me.  Frankly, even if your local con­ser­v­a­tive is a qual­i­ty per­son, how can you vote for them when they fol­low a per­son so full of con­tempt for Cana­da, its cit­i­zens and its government?

CBC radio had a few dis­cus­sions regard­ing the fact that Stephen Harper’s han­dlers have framed the scan­dals as “too com­plex for the aver­age Cana­di­an — they won’t care.”  While I find this insult­ing per­son­al­ly, maybe they are right.  Maybe it is time to leave.

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2 Responses to Amazing: Contempt of Parliment and Nobody Cares!

  1. DaD says:

    This is cer­tain­ly a case of “the dev­il you know is bet­ter than the dev­il you don’t know.” If you think there is fraud in our gov­ern­men­tal halls, you ought to see what goes on down there — much, much worse. After all, their nation is built on the premise of rebel­lion. Like, ‘if I don’t like the laws as they cur­rent­ly are, I’ll just make new ones, and if I can’t do that, then I’ll just flout them’. And who in their right mind would will­ing­ly enter the health­care morass there?

    • dgilbert says:

      I sup­pose I was­n’t entire­ly spe­cif­ic on where I might go. Maybe there’s a small less cor­rupt island out in the Pacif­ic some­where. I sup­pose one of my main prob­lems with Harp­er is his readi­ness to bring Amer­i­can-style pol­i­tics to Cana­da — and this is quick­ly spread­ing the poison.

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