Explosion Proof… Fridge?

Since I post­ed my first Lab­Safe­ty post a few days ago, I’ve antic­i­pat­ed that one or oth­er of my fam­i­ly was going to men­tion explo­sion proof vac­u­ums.  This has­n’t hap­pened yet, but since it will, I decid­ed to post about it today.  But I could­n’t find them.

The explo­sion proof vac­u­um is, hands down, my favorite Lab­Safe­ty prod­uct, and it sad­dens me that they no longer offer it (that I can find).  While the real­i­ty of the item is still rather cool, it does­n’t live up to the name.  From the name, I envi­sion a vac­u­um that you can suck up a bomb or a grenade (or some oth­er soon-to-explode object) and the sum-total of the vac­u­um’s reac­tion to this event is a some­what loud “thump” sound as it jumps in the air, emits a feint whiff of smoke and com­plete­ly con­tains the erst­while dan­ger­ous explo­sion.  You know… like the car­toons.  That’s how physics works, right?

The real­i­ty is that the vac­u­um is designed to not cause and explo­sion.  That’s not near­ly as much fun.  I can deeply respect it for just hav­ing the prod­uct name “Explo­sion Proof Vac­u­um,” but it will dis­ap­point if test­ed as above.

Thermo Scientific Explosion Proof Fridge

Ther­mo Sci­en­tif­ic Explo­sion Proof Fridge

So instead I found the Explo­sion Proof Fridge or Freez­er.  It’s a real prod­uct that you can buy for about four thou­sand dol­lars.  Its real pur­pose is to be a fridge (or freez­er) and not cause explo­sions, but just like the vac­u­um before it, you can eas­i­ly imag­ine sav­ing the day by toss­ing the tick­ing bomb or grenade into it.

When it comes to real­ly cool Lab Safe­ty prod­ucts, I’m quite cer­tain that imag­i­na­tion is the key.  Four grand for a chest freez­er seems amaz­ing­ly steep, though.  Last I checked they were under $500 for most sizes.  I sup­pose that does­n’t mat­ter much if you (or some­one you know) are blown up.

I sup­pose the real ques­tion is: “Why do you need cold stor­age in very close prox­im­i­ty to things that explode?”  Inquir­ing minds need to know.

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5 Responses to Explosion Proof… Fridge?

  1. Rebecca says:

    I hon­est­ly had for­got­ten about the explo­sion proof vacuum.

    • dgilbert says:

      I was real­ly expect­ing either you or Aimee to talk about the explo­sion proof vac­u­um. Some of my British friends real­ly liked the post.

  2. Rebecca says:

    And who buys freez­ers more than one at a time?

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