Electronic Safety Scoreboards!

I’m going to start a brand new sec­tion today — in fact I’ll start a new sec­tion and sub­sec­tion.  Lab Safe­ty is a com­pa­ny that sells prod­ucts for prob­lems you did­n’t even know you had.  I have a lot of favorite prod­ucts from Lab Safe­ty and this par­tic­u­lar one arrived in my email (I’m on their list) today.

Safety Scoreboard

Safe­ty Scoreboard

You could be the proud own­er of a new Elec­tron­ic Safe­ty Score­board (pic­tured here on the right).  It’s 28 inch­es tall by 20 inch­es wide and lists for $257.  I’m pret­ty sure you could get a flat pan­el dis­play and mount it side­ways for less than that, but this design undoubt­ed­ly uses less pow­er (which is a good thing).  This unit (know­ing Lab Safe­ty prod­ucts) is also prob­a­bly more like­ly to sur­vive a harsh work­place environment.

The sign is avail­able with a num­ber of dif­fer­ent moti­va­tion­al phras­es for the two num­bers.  Obvi­ous­ly your flat-pan­el dis­play could be pro­gram­ma­ble… but the Lab Safe­ty ver­sion in sim­ple to install and very cor­po­rate.  It even updates the coun­ters itself!  To bad there isn’t a sub­mit your own text option…

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