The Most Popular Thing (on this site)

Voldemort, Creepy?

Volde­mort, Creepy?

The most pop­u­lar thing on this site is Volde­mort.  Prob­a­bly not entire­ly what I have to say about Volde­mort (although that has been pop­u­lar enough to draw sev­er­al cute com­ments).  The sin­gu­lar largest draw to this site is the pic­ture of Ralph Fiennes’ Volde­mort that I post­ed along with my point that he is not creepy.

I sup­pose there’s good and bad in that — at least in the short term, there should be a large uptake in Volde­mort search­es short­ly as the last install­ment of Har­ry Pot­ter arrives.  Google’s mag­ic site ana­lyz­ing tools tell me that search­es for Volde­mort are qui­et­ly wan­ing (how sad for him) such that only 140,000 peo­ple (rough­ly) search for him on a dai­ly basis now.  If you include peo­ple who can’t spell (Vol­d­er­mort is the most pop­u­lar), then there are a few more fans.  My site, accord­ing to these same sta­tis­tics can attract about 3% of those peo­ple.  In some ways even this arti­cle is shilling out to get more Volde­mort read­ers.  It almost seems as if the Volde­mort traf­fic has added legit­i­ma­cy to my oth­er content.

Pin­ning the suc­cess of my blog on Har­ry Pot­ter, how­ev­er, is pret­ty short sight­ed.  I’m def­i­nite­ly keen on find­ing oth­er easy to search for top­ics that steer peo­ple to the blog.  The recent run of car repair arti­cles (to which I will soon add the Sub­aru bear­ing replace­ment) and the video game reviews of indy video games (which hope­ful­ly stand out from the crowd more than main­stream game reviews would — I’m play­ing SpaceChem right now).

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