Error! Printer’s Broke: Must be the Internet!

My print­er is bro­ken!  It must be the Inter­net! Call them quick!

I’ve owned ISPs.  I’ve worked at ISPs.  I’ve con­sult­ed for ISPs.  I’ve con­sult­ed for peo­ple who are unhap­py with their ISP. I’m going to make a state­ment:

The com­put­er is of mind bog­gling com­plex­i­ty to most peo­ple, but we (tech­ni­cal peo­ple) are not help­ing, either.

I just got an error from my brows­er.  It said:

This web page is not respond­ing: Close it?

to which the respons­es were “yes” and “no.”

Now wait a sec­ond.  Where does the Inter­net live?  Is it in my com­put­er?  Is my com­put­er the Inter­net?  This web page… is it real­ly not respond­ing?  No.  The brows­er is not respond­ing, and this error mes­sage is an excel­lent exam­ple of pass­ing the buck in error mes­sages.

Microsoft is the king of this.  So much so that even nor­mal peo­ple know to make fun of Microsoft­’s impen­e­tra­ble error mes­sages that blame every­one but Microsoft.

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