CRIA Caught Stealing the Cookie Jar: Nobody Surprised

I’m going to start with the head­line of a post to Michael Geist’s blog this morn­ing:  Cana­di­an Record­ing Indus­try To Pay $45 Mil­lion To Set­tle Class Action Over Copy­right Infringe­ment. Go Read.  I’ll wait.

Now I’d like to say some­thing stronger:  The record­ing indus­try (which CRIA rep­re­sents) is one of the most cor­rupt, spine­less, worth­less and most heinous blight on the land­scape of our cul­ture.  They will inevitably lie, cheat and bul­ly their way to untold rich­es and care lit­tle for the law except when it is in their favor.  There have even been new words added to the eng­lish lan­guage to describe the malfea­sance of the record­ing indus­try (see pay­ola).

For any­one at the record­ing indus­try to accuse indi­vid­ual Cana­di­ans of copy­right infringe­ment is sim­ply (at best) pro­jec­tion.  As I was com­pos­ing that last sen­tence, I was look­ing up “The pot call­ing the ket­tle black” and Wikipedi­a’s entry is excel­lent as usual:

As gen­er­al­ly under­stood, the per­son accus­ing is under­stood to share some qual­i­ty with the tar­get of their accu­sa­tion. An alter­na­tive inter­pre­ta­tion, rec­og­nized by some,[1][2] but not all,[3] sources is that the pot is sooty (being placed on a fire), while the ket­tle is clean and shiny (being placed on coals only), and hence when the pot accus­es the ket­tle of being black, it is the pot’s own sooty reflec­tion that it sees: the pot accus­es the ket­tle of a fault that only the pot has, rather than one that they share. See also pro­jec­tion.

It per­fect­ly applies here.  If the only result of the inter­net gen­er­a­tion were to erase most of the big media com­pa­nies leav­ing only artists and their fans, it would­n’t be a waste.  Wars have been fought over less.

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6 Responses to CRIA Caught Stealing the Cookie Jar: Nobody Surprised

  1. Frank Michlick says:

    I think you mean CRIA and not CIRA 😉

  2. dgilbert says:

    Heh. Good catch. Been deal­ing with CIRA a lot late­ly too.

  3. Hel­lo, for what­ev­er rea­son when I put your feed into google read­er, it does­n’t work. Can you give me the RSS link just to be sure I’m using the cur­rent one?

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