Spam free crap, really?

I get the eco­nom­ics of spam.  I com­mon­ly con­fig­ure FreeB­SD sys­tems to route pack­ets or serve as VoIP switch­es.  One com­put­er pro­grammed to exam­ine and route bil­lions of tiny lit­tle pack­ets each day.  Rout­ing bil­lions of pack­ets or 100’s of thou­sands of min­utes of calls nets you just enough mon­ey to pay for the serv­er.  I imag­ine such it is for spam.

Hav­ing con­tin­u­ous­ly run mail servers since 1990, I’ve been part of the spam bat­tle since before every­thing went to heck.  We’ve had cus­tomers that had ques­tion­able email adver­tis­ing prac­tices, cus­tomers that could­n’t stand even a sin­gle spam and a lot more cus­tomers, like the rest of us, that put up with it and deal with it as best we can.

Like peo­ple, spam has moved on from email.  spam is an online graf­fi­ti that cov­ers any cor­ner of our online world that does­n’t active­ly scrub it off… except where graf­fi­ti tends to grav­i­tate to areas where it can be eas­i­ly seen, spam has the unique abil­i­ty to col­o­nize areas that may nev­er be seen — that have the vague hope of pos­si­bly being seen.

Like my blog.  I have 5 fol­low­ers right now.  Maybe a hand­ful of oth­er peo­ple I’ve goad­ed and guilt­ed into read­ing my blog.  Should you suc­cess­ful­ly spam my blog, what do you get?  Maybe you’re hop­ing for a share in my even­tu­al fame?  Fair enough.

But unlike my blog (which is very new), my blog soft­ware (word­press) is quite mature.  It has been on the front lines of the blog spam prob­lem.  The default set­tings are to put “nofol­low” in any com­ment link and to have com­ment mod­er­a­tion enabled.  So I have to approve your spam com­ment and even then your link won’t help your pager­ank.  Who clicks on links that are spam in com­ments?  How van­ish­ing­ly small is that market.

Maybe the two spam­mers that have found my blog were just test­ing.  Here’s a time saver: this site has com­ment mod­er­a­tion and nofol­low, so go away … 🙂

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