You’re being watched: Where’s your Tin Foil Hat?

Google.  It sounds omi­nous now (I don’t recall that being true, at first).  We were all hop­ing at one point that Google would final­ly be the one to tame Microsoft.  Now we are afraid that it has.  I sup­pose that it’s small com­fort that Apple has also had no small part in tam­ing Microsoft… but it’s main­ly google.  Google may even be a large part of apple’s suc­cess, when you think about it.

It’s real­ly scary when you think about what google knows about you.  Being a pri­va­cy geek, I try hard to lim­it that.  While I could use TOR more often, I don’t.  It’s pret­ty tedious if you don’t have a good rea­son to use it (although I do run a TOR node).  I do, how­ev­er, run lots of brows­er plu­g­ins to lim­it my expo­sure.  NoScript and AdBlock Plus are two of the major ones.  NoScript ensures that no soft­ware runs in my brows­er until I approve it.  AdBlock Plus make sure I don’t load ads from sites like google — the mere fact of load­ing these ads pro­vides some trace on my activities.

Is it hyp­o­crit­i­cal, then, to put Google ads and Google Ana­lyt­ics on my blog page?  Sor­ta, I sup­pose.  But there’s no prize for being cat­tle.  If you’re let­ting your­self be tracked or let­ting your­self be tar­get­ed for adver­tis­ing, that’s a deci­sion you made.  I’m just a small cap­i­tal­ist will­ing to exploit that.

As I said in a pre­vi­ous post, every­one has a busi­ness plan to make mon­ey.  Word­Press makes that obvi­ous with the $5/month key they real­ly want you to buy.  For­tu­nate­ly for Google, their plan does­n’t involve charg­ing me mon­ey… so it all seems like fair game.  It would be hyp­o­crit­i­cal for me to crit­i­cize any of you that block Google.  So go ahead — put on your Tin Foil Hat.

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