Oh so that’s how they do it…

Noth­ing in life is free, but if you’re smart, you use some of your skills to avoid  pay­ing for some things in your life.  As a tech­ni­cal or com­put­er per­son, I try to avoid pay­ing for things relat­ed to com­put­ers.  I also try to con­trol the com­put­er-relat­ed things in my life.

After I installed Word­Press, my part­ner asked if I did­n’t have to pay some­thing for it.  Remem­ber that I did­n’t want some­one to own my words and that, if pos­si­ble (and if they’re worth it), I’d like to make mon­ey from my words.  So I checked the license for Word­Press (took more look­ing than it should).  It’s GPL.  It’s rather pol­ished and did­n’t look like a com­mu­ni­ty effort — so I just assumed that it had some oth­er mod­el that I might run into.

Ah-ha.  the API key.  It would appear that for at least two key things (stats and spam pro­tec­tion) the pow­ers-that-be-word­press charge mon­ey.  Well… it’s free if you don’t make mon­ey on your own per­son­al blog but ris­es quick­ly to $5/month if you run ads (which I intend to).

So… note to self.  Need to avoid the API key things.  Need to find oth­er ways to sat­is­fy those things.  It’s not that I begrudge $5/month, it’s that I’m not mak­ing $5/month yet and I’m not going in the hole on this one :).

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