Oh so that’s how they do it… (part 2)

When I first installed squir­rel­mail (a web IMAP client), one of the first things I enjoyed doing was installing a whack of new plu­g­ins that did all sorts of wacky things.  Some of them got delet­ed for not work­ing and/or con­flict­ing with impor­tant things, but most of them stayed and many of them are even used by the cus­tomers.  Squir­rel­mail gets slagged some­times, but it works rea­son­ably for light duty users and isn’t com­plete­ly hor­ri­ble for high usage users as a back­up.  It also proves that mail is work­ing so that we don’t have to sup­port all the intri­ca­cies of every­one’s mail client… most notably out­look.

Any­ways… I put aside some time this after­noon to do the same for word­press.  Look through some plu­g­ins.  Select some and install them.


So… the first few were the ones from the last post.  Please pay.  Month­ly, no less.  Next were some oth­er ques­tion­able busi­ness mod­els.  Then some bro­ken ones.  Then… just… crap.

This leads me to what I think will become a run­ning series: Gilbert’s laws of the inter­net.

1. The inter­net is for the free exchange of crap.  Any­thing worth mon­ey will either be so choked with spam and scam as to be not worth your time to get from the inter­net or it will be rough­ly the same price as in the brick and mor­tar store you could oth­er­wise find it.

Now a notable excep­tion to this is the extreme­ly long tail.  The some­what long tail is still large­ly sub­ject to Rule #1, but the extreme­ly long tail isn’t avail­able in stores.  Still won’t save you mon­ey.

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3 Responses to Oh so that’s how they do it… (part 2)

  1. Rebecca says:

    I miss the weath­er report option in squir­rel mail. Broke a few years ago with some upgrade.

    • dgilbert says:

      Hrm. Strange but fine way to ask for that fea­ture. I’ll look to see if it’s avail­able again.

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