… And queue the Tribbles…

Hon­est ques­tion: How do I sub­scribe to your blog.  It’s not like I should get excit­ed.  It’s only my sis­ter, not hoards of scream­ing fans, but an hon­est ques­tion, nonetheless.

I have to admit I was stumped at first.  I still use pri­mar­i­ly email, but my last gig got me to enable google talk.  I real­ly don’t want to twit or tweet, so how do you sub­scribe to my blog?  Ignore for the moment that there’s a big sub­scribe but­ton there now.  Work with me.

Ok.  So there is an “Entries RSS” and “Com­ments RSS” on the default page.  I know what RSS is, but raw RSS is only so use­ful to non-geeks.  Most browsers seem to offer some way of mon­i­tor­ing RSS, but that’s not sat­is­fy­ing … there’s no email.

I sup­pose I harp on that a bit, but email is nice and stan­dard­ized.  You can run your own or sub it out.  You can use your own email clients or use more com­mon ones.  You can own your own email serv­er or not care (you may already be real­iz­ing that I feel strong­ly about own­ing my own information).

So… I march back to the word­press site with some­thing to search for in the plu­g­ins direc­to­ry (because brows­ing is so use­less).  Ok.  I find some­thing.  It will do feed­burn­er and a twit­ter and a few oth­er things.  Looks like it should do email.  It cre­ates a big ugly icon with no expla­na­tion on the page.  Sigh.  Email does­n’t work and I can’t fig­ure why.

It looks like Feed­burn­er (what­ev­er it was) was bought by google.  Fine.   I have one of those accounts.  How­ev­er, it’s exceed­ing­ly non-obvi­ous how to turn on the email fea­ture.  What should be a sen­si­ble default requires googling the prob­lem and a fair amount of work to enable.  Email is appar­ent­ly not sim­ple.  Final­ly I have an email sub­scribe option.

But along the way, there be Trib­bles!  As I’m going through there’s options for feed­burn­er to enhance your feed… to send it to oth­er feed thin­gies and to poke them to update their use of your feed more often.  All the sud­den there are hun­dreds if not thou­sands of com­put­ers involved every time I blog.  Trib­bles.  All on the way to enabling email updates for my sister.

I sup­pose it’s par­tial­ly my fault.  Keep­ing the max­i­mum num­ber of machines busy slav­ing away to my every whim has always been an inter­est of mine.

So now you can sub­scribe to my blog.  go.  Sub­scribe.  Over there —> … the big orange and green box.  Please?  It will make me feel loved. :*).

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