Add the Ads.

There.  That’s that box checked.  There be ads!  My google adsense account was approved today and I man­aged to insert some ads in the wid­get area (that’s what word­press calls the bits on the right of the page).  Inter­est­ing­ly, it seems to take some time before the actu­al ads appear.  And at first they don’t seem to relate (that much) to the con­tent.  C’est la vie.

The path to suc­cess was a lit­tle non-lin­ear.  I think one of the pri­ma­ry things this ad injec­tion thing was designed to do is put ads into the mid­dle of this text.  I did­n’t do that right now — but it does have the option of doing it only to search engine traf­fic and/or only to old­er posts.  That might not be a bad option.  Seems like it would be annoy­ing otherwise.

The actu­al trick here is to add wid­gets with ads in them.  Seems still to be a func­tion of the plu­g­in, so we’ll keep it for now.

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