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Happy New Year: The Year of Windows FAIL?

It’s difficult to avoid a little schadenfreude, especially when you feel the victim is worthy.  I’ve already said some of what I feel about Windows 8.  So it is with a little glee that I read on Slashot that Windows … Continue reading

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Windows 8 Concerns

Windows 8 concerns me greatly.  It’s not that it’s the next thing that Microsoft wants to shove down our throats: I successfully avoided DOS, early Windows and Vista.  That may seem like an odd list, but Microsoft created a fairly … Continue reading

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Get Off My Desktop!

I have said several times here that it is important to own your own tech and to be mindful of that ownership.  I have also agreed here with others that the coming battle is over control of your devices: be … Continue reading

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Windows 7 Shadow Copy Backup Can be like Time Travel

Today we’re going to cover a geeky technical bit that can give every reader with Windows 7 an easy backup for their files.  I think this might work for vista and it may partially work for XP, but it’s not … Continue reading

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