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Reboot Groklaw.net: an Open Letter to PJ.

The NSA is scary.  I get it.  I have slightly less sympathy for you (a U.S. citizen) as I am not a U.S. citizen — which makes my situation all-the-more precarious, BUT:
GrokLaw is needed now, more than ever.  The war … Continue reading

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Windows 8 Concerns

Windows 8 concerns me greatly.  It’s not that it’s the next thing that Microsoft wants to shove down our throats: I successfully avoided DOS, early Windows and Vista.  That may seem like an odd list, but Microsoft created a fairly … Continue reading

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Cops, Videos, Privacy: My comments.

The police have a lot of power: they decide who to pursue, who to arrest and who to charge.  At that point, it becomes a matter for the courts (most of the time — cops as judge and jury is … Continue reading

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