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Truthiness: of Rights and Wrongs

Truthiness.  I love this word.  It encapsulates all that is wrong with the American Religious Right.  I’ve been thinking around how to talk about this scourge and received insight from a common (for me) source: The Economist has a book … Continue reading

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I call HorseHockey!

In the previous article, I called out Stephen Harper, Canada’s Prime Minister for being Dickish.  To some, that would be inappropriate, but to a world where most people trust The Comedy Network as their primary source of news, it is … Continue reading

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Harper Passes a Loonie, Fools Nobody

I have made no secret of my disdain for Steven Harper’s leadership.  It’s very unCanadian in that he seems to lead without compromise and without listening.  You could argue that this is a legitimate style of leadership in that it … Continue reading

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Contempt Begins at Home, a Contemplation…

I’ve been wanting to follow up my last post regarding the election for some time.  I’ve been doing some heavy thinking.  A Conservative Majority would seriously injure this country.  Their contempt for parliament, the parliamentary process and the country in … Continue reading

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My Wikileaks Mirror Experience

Wikileaks has been in and out of the news for a few years now.  It has had a few major successes over the years, but nothing has generated the press and the notice from governments as the release of the … Continue reading

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