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HowTo: n900 Browser: Selecting Text

The multi-button mouse and keyboard combination has become so ubiquitous that sometimes we can’t imagine how to accomplish something on a similar but different interface.  Selecting text in the n900 browser was one such problem for me.  It’s not that … Continue reading

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The Rise of Tablet Computing… Finally

What is it that has finally caused the rise of the tablet computing device?  Is it really the church of Jobs?
It’s not like this hasn’t been tried a dozen times.  The first widespread example in popular culture was the big … Continue reading

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My N900 Continues to Amuse and Amaze (Me)

Apologies in advance if this post rambles somewhat; the subject matter is also somewhat vague.  My phone, the n900 from Nokia is hard to pigeon hole.  The operating system (Maemo) is shared by Nokia’s other tablet computers.  The fact that … Continue reading

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N900fly: Extrememly Expensive Sport!

Sometimes you see something and wonder, “What were they thinking.”  Sometimes this is an obvious thing — many people see it.  Other times, a sign or direction sits there quietly mocking the world and only a few people notice it.  … Continue reading

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Nokia N900: A shell prompt on my phone…

I received the Nokia N900 that I bought on eBay last week today.  I’ve been playing with it… finding applications I want to use, configuring things… learning how to use it.  It’s a very different world.  I destroyed my Palm … Continue reading

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