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I call HorseHockey!

In the previous article, I called out Stephen Harper, Canada’s Prime Minister for being Dickish.  To some, that would be inappropriate, but to a world where most people trust The Comedy Network as their primary source of news, it is … Continue reading

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A lonely, unopened package of CD-R

I was busy doing something completely unrelated today when I noticed that I had a package of CD-R which was still shrink-wrapped in it’s original packaging.  It struck me that I probably hadn’t bought CD or DVD media in the … Continue reading

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British TV: Quality Over Quantity?

If I think seriously about what I’m watching these days, much of it is produced in Britain. It got me to thinking about why such a small country produces so much good TV.  It’s not just Doctor Who and … Continue reading

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Who’s Right? My Copyright Rant

Being a mathematician at heart, I tend to return to first principles to resolve an issue.  To talk about the modern mess that is copyright and/or intellectual property, we’re going to consider the purveyors of this mess: corporations.  Why is … Continue reading

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