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Truthiness: of Rights and Wrongs

Truthiness.  I love this word.  It encapsulates all that is wrong with the American Religious Right.  I’ve been thinking around how to talk about this scourge and received insight from a common (for me) source: The Economist has a book … Continue reading

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Captcha: blank + 15 = 21

I’ve started using a Captcha for the comments.  Over and above the spam protection I’ve been using, I’ve been deleting more than 10 spam posts per day.  This is just a nuisance, but it has become a nuisance that is … Continue reading

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Back in the (Somewhat Random) Saddle

I have been slacking.  I even have several posts pretty much ready and I’ve been slacking.  To be completely honest with myself, I think my father’s death last year affected my desire to express myself more than I thought.  He … Continue reading

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I Have NOT Been Slashdotted

The rumors of my being slashdotted are greatly exaggerated — or at least perpetuated in denial by me.  Imagine my surprise when I noticed this article on Slashdot.  It mentions a “tech writer” named “David Gilbert.”  This might be one … Continue reading

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Happy New Year: The Year of Windows FAIL?

It’s difficult to avoid a little schadenfreude, especially when you feel the victim is worthy.  I’ve already said some of what I feel about Windows 8.  So it is with a little glee that I read on Slashot that Windows … Continue reading

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Is Advertising Really Necessary?

Do we really need advertising?  Put more pointedly, do we really need the portion of our industry that connives to convince us to buy things?  These questions came to mind while listening to the CBC radio news story today decrying … Continue reading

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A lonely, unopened package of CD-R

I was busy doing something completely unrelated today when I noticed that I had a package of CD-R which was still shrink-wrapped in it’s original packaging.  It struck me that I probably hadn’t bought CD or DVD media in the … Continue reading

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There are so many ways that I’m similar to my Dad. Just this week, I filled my coffee cup a bit too full and had to sip some of the black coffee before I could add cream. As I noted … Continue reading

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Gas Powered Drink Blender

Sometimes a product comes along and you know that they’re just trying to goad someone for publicity’s sake.  In fact, it would appear that these have been banned in California.  The Gas Powered Blender pictured here is powered by a … Continue reading

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My Exploding Waterheater Experience

Unless you’re a Mythbuster, I don’t think you commonly wake up in the morning thinking that you will see an exploding waterheater, especially your own.  In deference to reality, I supposed it was more properly an “exploded” waterheater, but the … Continue reading

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